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CrowdStrike blames bug for letting bad data slip through, leading to global tech outage

CrowdStrike has blamed a bug in an update that allowed its cybersecurity systems to push bad data out to millions of customer computers Read More


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Google's corporate parent still prospering amid shift injecting more AI technology in search

Google’s corporate parent Alphabet Inc. delivered another quarter of steady growth amid an AI-driven shift in the ubiquitous search engine that is the foundation of its internet empire More »


FTC orders 8 companies to provide information on 'surveillance pricing' practices

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered information from eight companies that the agency says offer products and services that use personal data to set prices based on a shopper’s individual characteristics More »


Meta takes down thousands of Facebook, Instagram accounts running sextortion scams from Nigeria

Meta says it has removed about 63,000 Instagram accounts engaging in sexual extortion scams More »


Senate to consider bills that aim to protect children and teenagers online

The Senate will consider legislation this week that aims to protect children from dangerous online content, moving forward with what could become the first sweeping new regulation of the tech industry in decades More »


Vietnam allows big companies to buy clean energy directly to meet their climate targets

Vietnam has passed a decree radically loosening the Communist Party-ruled state’s control on how electricity is sold to private companies More »


Google makes abrupt U-turn by dropping plan to remove ad-tracking cookies on Chrome browser

Google is dropping plans to eliminate cookies from its Chrome web browser, making a sudden U-turn on four years of work to phase out the technology that tracks users for ad purposes More »


CrowdStrike CEO called to testify to Congress over cybersecurity's firm role in global tech outage

U.S. House leaders are calling on CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz to testify to Congress about the cybersecurity company’s role in sparking the widespread tech outage that grounded flights, knocked banks and hospital systems offline and affected services around the world More »


Tesla's 2Q profit falls 45% to $1.48 billion as sales drop despite price cuts and low-interest loans

Tesla’s second-quarter net income fell 45% compared with a year ago as the company’s global electric vehicle sales tumbled despite price cuts and low-interest financing More »


Despite Musk's Trump endorsement, X remains a go-to platform for Democrats

A week after Elon Musk endorsed Donald Trump for president, President Joe Biden’s team used Musk’s social media platform X — in addition to more neutral spaces such as Facebook and Instagram — to announce he is ending his campaign for reelection More »


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