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NASA hears from Voyager 1, the most distant spacecraft from Earth, after months of quiet

NASA has finally heard back from Voyager 1 in a way that makes sense More »


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US advances review of Nevada lithium mine amid concerns over endangered wildflower

The Biden administration has taken a significant step in its expedited environmental review of what could become the third lithium mine in the U.S. That's assuming it can withstand anticipated legal challenges from conservationists who fear it will lead to the extinction of an endangered Nevada wildflower near the California line More »


In Vietnam, farmers reduce methane emissions by changing how they grow rice

Vietnam aims to transform its rice sector, making it more resilient to climate change while also reducing its emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide More »


When red-hot isn't enough: New government heat risk tool sets magenta as most dangerous level

U.S. health and weather officials are unveiling a new color-coded system to warn Americans about heat danger, and it will set magenta as the most dangerous level More »


European Space Agency adds 5 new astronauts in only fourth class since 1978. Over 20,000 applied

The European Space Agency has added five new members to its astronaut corps More »


Biden marks Earth Day by going after GOP, announcing $7 billion in federal solar power grants

President Joe Biden has marked Earth Day by announcing $7 billion in federal grants to provide residential solar projects serving 900,000-plus households in low- and middle-income communities More »


California announces first new state park in a decade and sets climate goals for natural lands

California will open its first new state park in a decade this summer More »


A new report says Mexico has abandoned protection of loggerhead sea turtles

A new report finds that the Mexican government has largely abandoned protection and enforcement measures for loggerhead sea turtles More »


Europe is the fastest-warming continent, at nearly twice the average global rate, report says

Two top climate monitoring organizations are reporting that Europe is the fastest-warming continent and its temperatures are rising at roughly twice the global average More »


This ancient snake in India might have been longer than a school bus and weighed a ton

Researchers in India have found fossils of an ancient giant snake that could have been longer than a school bus More »


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