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The flickering glow of summer's fireflies: too important to lose, too small to notice them gone

Fireflies once seemed plentiful and cool, easy to catch and watch, and they served as an introduction to the world of nature around us More »


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Last Sunday was Earth's hottest day in all recorded history, European climate agency says

The European climate service Copernicus says Earth sizzled to the hottest day ever measured last Sunday More »


UN cultural agency rejects plan to place Britain's Stonehenge on list of heritage sites in danger

The United Nations’ cultural agency has rejected recommendations to place Stonehenge on the list of endangered world heritage sites over concerns that Britain’s plans to build a nearby highway tunnel threaten the landscape around the prehistoric monument More »


Surprise blast of rock, water and steam in Yellowstone sends dozens running for safety

A surprise eruption in Yellowstone National Park has shot steam, water and dark-colored rock and dirt an estimated 100 feet into the sky and sent people running for safety More »


Moon fests, moon movie and even a full moon mark 55th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing

Saturday marks the 55th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin More »


The winner in China's panda diplomacy: the pandas themselves

China’s giant panda loan program has long been a tool of diplomacy, but its significance for species conservation has proved important, too More »


Boeing is closer to understanding thruster failures on its first astronaut flight with latest test

Boeing is closer to understanding what went wrong with its astronaut capsule in orbit, now that testing is complete on a spare thruster here on Earth More »


India's Modi focuses on jobs creation in first budget after winning polls

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to raise spending to create more jobs and spur economic growth More »


William & Mary expands new climate-focused major, deepens coastal research with $100 million gift

William & Mary has received a $100 million donation that aims to help coastal communities adapt to changing temperatures, rising seas and more intense storms More »


How NASA and SpaceX will bring down the space station when it's retired

SpaceX will use a powerful, souped-up capsule to shove the International Space Station out of orbit once time is up for the sprawling lab More »


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