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Experts say a twice-yearly injection that offers 100% protection against HIV is 'stunning'

A study shows that a twice-yearly shot was 100% effective in preventing new HIV infections in women in Africa More »


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Arkansas court orders state to count signatures collected by volunteers for abortion-rights measure

The Arkansas Supreme Court has ordered the state to initially count signatures that were collected by volunteers in favor of putting an abortion rights measure on the ballot More »


Democrats hope Harris' bluntness on abortion will translate to 2024 wins in Congress and White House

President Joe Biden might not often use the word “abortion” when he talks about the overturning of Roe v. Wade More »


More money could result in fewer trips to ER, study suggests

A new study suggests that giving cash to poor people could result in fewer emergency department visits More »


UN says nearly 40 million people had HIV in 2023, lack of treatment means someone died every minute

Nearly 40 million people were living with the HIV virus that causes AIDS last year, over 9 million weren’t getting any treatment, and the result was that every minute someone died of AIDS-related causes, the U.N. says in a new report More »


Too many pills? How to talk to your doctor about reviewing what’s needed

Swallowing a handful of pills is a daily ritual for many people, but taking too many meds can cause problems More »


Biles, Osaka and Phelps spoke up about mental health. Has anything changed for the Paris Olympics?

Athletes heading to the Paris Olympics have more access than ever to resources in the once-taboo realm of mental health and many sound more willing than ever to use them More »


Jon Stewart pushes VA to help veterans sickened after post-9/11 exposure to uranium

Comedian Jon Stewart is pressing the Biden administration to fix a loophole in a massive veterans aid bill that has left out some of the very first troops who responded after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks More »


As doctors leave Puerto Rico in droves, a rapper tries to fill the gaps

Puerto Rico has lost thousands of its doctors in the past decade, many having fled to the U.S. mainland for better pay More »


Meet some of the world's cleanest pigs, raised to grow kidneys and hearts for humans

Some of the world's cleanest pigs are being raised in the Virginia mountains to supply kidneys and hearts for animal-to-human organ transplants More »


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